Thousands of household in Riau Province are currently relying on traditional biomass for cooking. Many others never have electricity. You can help them for having a better life.

How can you help to improve energy supply for less-advantaged people in Riau Province?

Research and Development
  • Study on sustainable energy project potentials [solar, wind, biomass, and micro-hydro]
  • Development of a weather station for renewable energy researches.
  • Development of renewable energy laboratories and facilities for trainings, workshops, and researches.
  • Development of renewable energy system displays for sustainable energy promotions.
  • Development of a zero emission house.
  • Support for sustainable energy policy formulation [in Regencies and Provincial levels of governments].
Real world applications
  • Improving sustainable energy access for communities in rural villages [electricity for homes, schools, public facilities, small enterprises, and health clinics; alternative fuels for cooking; etc.].
  • Energy audits and energy management for offices, business, and, industries.
Capacity building support [experts and consultations]
  • Trainings, workshops, and seminars for EnReach team members [national or overseas]
Capacity building 
0054 Together, we can build a better Indonesia for our children and children of their children. Please contact our Chair of Board at or to discuss about your support either in the form of donation or collaboration of programs in the areas of sustainable energy.EnReach is officially registered as a formal institution under the law of Republic of Indonesia.Act Number: 08/5 February 2013

Notary: Oktalinda, SH., M. Kn.