EnReach has a number of experienced trainers in the following areas. Please contact us if you would like to invite our experts to deliver trainings or to create a training program with us.

Trainings Planning energy projects/programs/interventions sustainably;

Integration sustainability measures into energy projects/programs/interventions, especially those involving community participation;

Integration of gender aspects into energy projects;

The design of photovoltaic power generation systems, either stand alone or connected to the grid (using international standard and softwares);

The design of hybrid power generation systems which combines several technologies such as solar power, wind, water, generator, etc.

Energy audits for businesses and offices;

Energy efficiency and the implementation of energy efficiency programs;

Technical / method to assess the potential of renewable energy (solar, biomass and biogas, wind, water, etc.).

Using software such as HOMER, RetScreen, RetScreen Plus, and LEAP.